Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been some time....

Wow. The last update was over a year ago. A LOT has happened since then... and that is normal for the time span of a year!

Aly turned 2 on May 9th. She had an awesome birthday party in Lincoln at the school my mom works for. The only goal I have when doing things for her and when spending time with her is to make sure she is happy and that she has a good time. She had such a great time that day.

This past week was swim lessons for her. I was sick the whole week, but I didn't want her to miss out on being in the water because of that. She had fun. Got the whole kicking thing and jumping into the water thing down. She is going to be such a water baby.

As for Lance and myself... we are expecting our second child due in October. It's an exciting and stressful thing. 2 kids?! Are we crazy?? Yes. But in a good, we love our expanding family kind of way. Her name will be Zoey... still working on the middle name.

Other than that... not much is going on with us. I'll post more later... I swear...

Monday, May 18, 2009


Alyssa's birthday was last weekend and it was so much fun! Who knew a 1 year old's birthday party would turn out so great? I bought a small ball pit for the event and the kids loved it! It is a good investment for her play room and such an item that will grow with her (as long as it stands up the torture... at least it's cheap enough to buy a new one if it springs a leak!) We had all of our family and friends there which made the day so great. Sad thing is that I was so preoccupied with keeping the kids happy, and making sure things were done that I forgot to take pictures. What?! Yes. BUT. My mom snapped a few great ones and took video, so at least we have those. I will post those soon, but right now they are on her camera.

Anyways, I did take pictures yesterday. It is starting to get WAY hot in Sacramento. We're talking in the 100's; so I bought a blow up mini pool yesterday while Alyssa was down for her nap. When she woke up, I put her in her suit and brought her outside. At first the water was way too cold and she just sat there... so we took her out and I put in a few buckets of warm water. After taking care of the water issue, we took her back out and she had so much fun!! At first she just sat there, splashing a little bit... then she started splashing a lot and crawling around and splashing... so adorable! I'm glad she loves water. This summer I am thinking of putting her in the infant swim lessons... the one that basically just teaches them how to float if they fall in. This is a major MUST for us since Lance's dad has a pool that is not fenced.

Other than that, not much has been happening with us. Before the party though, we finished the house in a matter of a day and a half. A seriously major event for us... and one that exhausted us till no end. But now Alyssa's play room is done. It is great having it. I bought a baby gate for one entrance to the room and put her super yard on the other entrance to keep her confined. I took photos yesterday and will post them tonight when I get the chance. I also took photos of our house to show as well. I am proud of the work we have done to make the house our home. Now the next step is purchasing wall art and different items to really give it character and to really make it us. I am going to buy some prints off of threadless soon as well...

Ok. Enough of this boring post!

Monday, March 23, 2009

with the sickness

Last week my dad and mom were both sick. This week, I am sick. Why did it wait a week to hit me? Who knows! But it is annoying... and I really hate the fact that I had to leave work early. I think I should be able to go back tomorrow, but since I was out last week on Monday and Tuesday to help my parents/watch Alyssa, it makes being out this week even more annoying.

My wedding ring is way too big. I haven't even lost much weight since being preggers (which I am working on now... finally) but they twirl around my finger constantly. More so when I am typing. I know I need to take it in and get it fitted again... we also need to get the two rings fused... but I am too lazy for that/don't want to spend the money... oh well. Sometime we will.

It's hard for me to believe that Alyssa is almost 1 year old. May 9th... that's the date. Perfectly, it falls on a Saturday this year... not perfectly, it falls on Mother's Day weekend. I had orignally wanted a small get together type setting but my mom's side is coming in to spend the weekend with my grandma (their mother) and my brother and his wife are also coming in that weekend. The number of people went from comfortable to just at my limits... but we will be ok. It will be nice to have a lot of people around for the day. I just wish I had known about this before this past weekend... :) oh well. Just need to change the plans around a tiny bit... that is all. :)

Our heat will not turn on... and this post is just a bounce bounce bounce post. I am going from one thing to the next to the next! Back to the heat... I am cold and can not for the life of me use our thermostat. It is super easy, but it will not work for me. Just Lance... blah.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Long time since my last update. What has happened since then...

Our house is ALMOST done. And when I say almost, that means that we only have a few more baseboards to go... the rest is just cosmetic/retail therapy. We need rugs like whoa in this place. It will help a lot with the echos. We also need to buy things for the walls. We need a new entertainment center... or main console. I haven't really decided yet. We found a main console at ikea that we like, but I am not digging the dark furniture anymore. It shows the dust way too fast... I am kinda sick of that. I don't think Lance will go for a natural wood though... hmm. Just things to think about!

Alyssa is getting big and crazy. We bought her a walker today and she is loving it in our house. Since we have laminate floors she cruises super fast all over and just enjoys being able to get around. Right now we can't put her on the floor because of all that we are doing to the house and because we dont have the tv on the wall yet... (don't want it falling over on her... that would be just bad) we got the walker so she would be happy. I let her crawl all over her room though, so she still is able to crawl around... just not out in the big rooms of the house for now. No pictures still... can't find my camera just yet... soon though, soon.

Well, it looks like I am staying home from work tomorrow. My dad has been sick this past weekend, so giving him a day to totally recover is in the stars for us. I don't want to have Alyssa go over there and get sick all over again... and I really don't want her to be as sick as he was. I just hate calling out from work... but that does come with the territory of being mommy. I just wish daddy could stay home sometimes too... but there just seems to never be a good day for him to do that. Oh well, I can get all of the laundry that I have been meaning to do this weekend... I did manage to clean the kitchen and keep it clean though this weekend. AND I did the self clean on the oven... now I just need to actually get in there and clean out all the junk from inside.

Well, enough rambling. I am off to do... nothing but watch Desp. Housewives. Loves it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, we moved all of our things to the house last weekend... but I have been staying at my parents house with Alyssa since last weekend because all of the updating of the house is not done yet. It's not too bad... but, I wish I were at my house. I wish we were with Lance. I am sure he is missing Alyssa... and I am sure she is going, "where the frick is my dad???"...

But all in all, we are doing great. Just this past week Alyssa has gone from somewhat kinda army crawling to full on crawling and standing up against things/pulling herself up to a stand. Also, today, we fed her cheerios for the first time. This week has just been so full of firsts. Insanity.

One great WONDERFUL thing about being at home with my parents is that in the morning when Alyssa wakes up, I do not have to worry about ME being up to be with her... gotta love my parents for that. I don't even remember the last time I got to sleep in past the time that she was up... it's been so long. :)

Today I went to Lowes and bought some light switch covers for the bedrooms. They were on clearance (50 centers... what?!) so I got them for all 3 rooms... I was originally only going to get one for Alyssa's room, but the cost of 8 on clearance was half the price of the ONE that I was going to buy just for her. I love finding cheap good stuff. I also got a curtain rod for our bedroom for 7 dollars... it was marked down from 30. I love being cheap.

Well, here are some photos of the little lady. BTW, she loves baths, if you can't tell by the following photos. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I wasn't looking for a new job, but an opening fell right into my lap. Administrative Assistant position at Heald College in Roseville.

Here are the Pro's:

Roseville, not Sacramento. That would cut out about 30 minutes of commute.
Most likely more money.
Closer to Alyssa during the day in case anything happened.


I am in a very comfortable spot at my current work place. I know them, they know me. I have no issues with anyone.

Like my mom said, it is a no brainer that I apply and try to get hired on. I always feel bad though when I leave a job. Even though I have never left on bad terms, I feel like I am abandoning them when I leave. But, I have to do what is best for myself and my family, so I am going to try this. I have an interview set already. We will see.

I am so hungry, but we have basically nothing to eat. I don't really want to go grocery shopping until we move, but that will most likely be another week. I think I will be forced to so that I dont starve to death.

Alyssa learned (somehow) to fake cough yesterday. My dad watches her, and he coughs a lot because he is sick right now. Well, she started to copy him and it is the cutest (annoying) thing ever. So cute, though. And, we know what her cough sounds like; that is how we know she is faking it. :) Plus, she does it back to us when we do it to her.

Ok. Hunger pain too much. Must go.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Photos