Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been some time....

Wow. The last update was over a year ago. A LOT has happened since then... and that is normal for the time span of a year!

Aly turned 2 on May 9th. She had an awesome birthday party in Lincoln at the school my mom works for. The only goal I have when doing things for her and when spending time with her is to make sure she is happy and that she has a good time. She had such a great time that day.

This past week was swim lessons for her. I was sick the whole week, but I didn't want her to miss out on being in the water because of that. She had fun. Got the whole kicking thing and jumping into the water thing down. She is going to be such a water baby.

As for Lance and myself... we are expecting our second child due in October. It's an exciting and stressful thing. 2 kids?! Are we crazy?? Yes. But in a good, we love our expanding family kind of way. Her name will be Zoey... still working on the middle name.

Other than that... not much is going on with us. I'll post more later... I swear...


sheree said...

yay! So glad you're blogging again. Looking forward to reading about your expanding family ;)